The Muck Stops Here

Elizabeth Edwards politely and respectfully asked Ann Coulter, directly and not on some interview, to stop with the personal attacks against her husband, John Edwards.

Coulter's response was to try and conflate the request into asking Ann to stop speaking altogether (we should be so lucky). Which is, of course, totally untrue and par for her course, when cornered, she makes something totally over the top up and rides that to safety regardless of its logic or reasonability.

Ann Coulter cares not about respect or discourse, she cares about derailing the political process for her personal financial gain. She cannot possibly believe the bile she spews, nobody is that articulate and that stupid. Therefore, she's playing a game, a baiting game to see who she can get on her hateful little hook to yank around like a toy for a while.

My sister-in-law once mentioned that she listened to Dr. Laura on the radio and was attempting to use some of the harpie's advice in our conversation. At which point, my opinion of her dropped to about half of where it had been. If you parrot hate, if you are nothing but a conduit for the stupid blatherings of the Right Wing Hate Squad then you are truly nothing at all. And I pretty much told her so. Which didn't score me any points but that wasn't my purpose.

Do not be mistaken, Ann Coulter craves the attention she gets from slandering Democrats and their allies, she lives for it and thrives on the anger and frustration she sows. The very best response to her frenzied (and really pretty stupid) rantings is to look upon her with pity for her desperate ego need and then ignore her altogether.

To give her the attention she requires does not a thing but feed her insatiable appetite for more which explains why she's going further and further out on a limb with her insane ramblings. Calling a sitting Senator a faggot? Publicly wishing for his assassination? Wow, scrape that barrel, you pathetic harpie, scrape that barrel until all you get are the splinters you so richly deserve.