Mexico is Nice But American Toilet Paper is Nicer

Yesterday was a long day. We started in the high humidity and high heat of Troncones/Zihuatenejo and ended up inthe foggy cool darknessof Watsonville. The day of smooth travel was, sadly, not to be had by us.

Our flight out was late which made the chances of our making the connection slimmer and noner by the minute. A night in LA wouldn't have been the worst thing that could have happened (that would probably be a traffic accident in Zihua or having our passports lifted). But still, we wanted our beds in our home. Not another borrowed beds somewhere in a borrowed room.

It turns out that there are significant advantages to flying the same carrier and to having San Francisco as our final destination. The big one being that Alaska Airlines held our connection. Read that slowly again, if you need to. There were about 20 people on the flight from Zihua that were heading to SFO as a final stop.

Rather than issue a crapload of expensive vouchers (since it was an Alaska Airlines plane that was late to get us there) they held the flight for us to clear customs, recheck bags, pass through security and then run to another plane.

Customs going both ways was, surprisingly, easy. Our bags were quick searched and we were greenlighted (literally in Zihua). The US customs in LAX (love that> irony) was huge and cool and fast, the Alaska Airlines baggage delivery was very slow (again, not passenger error or tardiness).

Through all of it both Grady and Sully were troopers of the highest and best order. Not perfect, at all, but they put up with a long day of movement, restriction, not enough food and repeated awakenings and awkward sleepings. Not to mention, idiot teens who think kids have "mute" or "off" buttons, not one but two broken baggage carousels, an excrement scented elevator, a 12:30 am stop at In'n'Out Burger for some road food home and a final arrival at home at just before 2 in the morning after starting the day in Zihua at about 6, the final drive home was very hard because of the deep weariness in us all but we did, finally, eventually and gratefully, get home.

And Grady was up at 6, which is why I am here, typing out a post at 7 am. Shouldn't 3 and a half hours of sleep be enough for a poppa? Apparently.

Alaska Airlines gets big props for stepping up after they dropped the ball on the first flight, also for having spunky stewardesses, good communication AND baby changing tables in the bathrooms (taking notes, US Airways?).

But I do like having my house around me again, I think I'm going to make some pancakes forme and the boys. Sully will be up before too long, I'm sure.