Marketing for Failure

Techdirt: How To Make Being Put On Hold Even More Annoying: Pipe In Some Ads because people waiting for customer service (or emergency tech support) really, really, really make for good potential up-sell customers to blast ads at.

Actually, they don't. At all.

When I need tech support and I'm put on hold while awaiting the next available operator, I cannot adequately express how deeply annoying getting sales pitch after sales pitch for additional services is. If I'm already stressed about my product being broken then there is absolutely zero chance I want to be marketed to for more junk.

I'm sure there's a percentage of people that will buy this way but I can assure you that I will never be one of them and I'll also register my complaint with the sales pitch while on hold as revenue maker model, it is rude. And rude business models deserve to fail.

There are ads almost everywhere, why do advertisers feel so compelled to keep pushing them in our faces? They must understand that humans reach a saturation point beyond which any further targeted marketing is useless, the target has eiher gone to buy the product (which won't stop the ads) or he, like me, has become immune to the non-stop barrage by tuning the vast, vast majority of it out.

Or, I also tend to analyze ads and tear them apart for their tawdry use of manipulative techniques to gain customers.