Life in Zihua (or close to it)

I've always wanted to come here, well, not specifically to Troncones but to Zihuatejeno. Ever since I saw the Shawshank Redemption. This was where Andy Dufrane went after escaping the prison. And I understand why.

It is beautiful here, the water is warm, the weather is hot and the cervezas are cold.

If I weren't poking along on my old warhorse Pismo powerbook I'd upload some photos (taken with the new XTi, which utterly rocks!). I need a telephoto lens soon but it really does take an amazing photo, some of the shots I"ve gotten of Grady have been really excellent.

Last night we had dinner at a yoga retreat up the beach. Yes, we were able to walk along the beach to go to dinner. And it was fantastic. The children, all six of them, danced and played on the wooden yoga platform, a couple of Rhodesian Ridgebacks wandered around looking for scraps and pets and everyone enjoyed cocktails as the sun went down. It was pretty darned nice.

I will have to write up our experiences at the airport in Phoenix when I can, it was INSANE!

But that's behind us now, we're on manana time and really loving every minute of it here. I will say that, without the pool to cool off in, things wouldn't be quite so rosy!