Just a Quickie Before Bed

My laptop broke last night and stayed broken most of the day, so bad that I had become resigned to dropping $500 to replace the motherboard so I could replace the video card that's soldered to it.

The signal to the display had gone all haywire and zapping PRAM, resetting the PMU, none of it helped (by the way, thanks Apple for trying to charge me $49 to do just those two basic ass key sequences, way to try and capitalize on a down computer). So I backed up my hard drive and started to get it prepped to get sent off for repairs.

And, just when I'd brought my spare laptop, the wisened old Pismo aka the kitchen computer aka Grady's Thomas the Tank Engine viewing machine, up to the office to stand in for the much faster Aluminum. But I thought I'd reboot the Aluminum another time or two to see if it fixed itself yet. And, lo and behold, it has fixed itself. For now.

I have no illusions that my laptop is going to need some major and expensive work sometime in the next couple of months. But it works for now and we're going with it.

I also took Nande out for a great, great ride/run this afternoon. We met up with John and Brady and hit the lower flanks of Nisene Marks but this time we rode all the way out to the far trailhead which was a damned ass long ways up some goodly hills. By the time we topped out, I was nearly tapped out. But there's not much better to recharge your batteries than turning around and descending the hill you've just grunted your way to the top of. And its made more fun by the addition of your hound and your hound's pal and your pal.

I'd also like to note, for the record, that the record now stands at John - 1, Erik - 0. That's a good thing because he's now beating me in biffage. On one part of the descent, he got his front wheel tangled in some roots and went arse over heels, as it were. I was right behind and got a great view, I wish I'd built the camera mount for my bike because it would have been good video.

Anyway, he was actually pretty well protected by his sweatshirt and pants and only suffered one good rashie on his elbow, the initial point of contact.

By the time we'd gotten back to the cars, I was pretty well fried. So tired but really happy with the fantastic ride we'd just racked up. The dogs had had a great time running and playing in the river, we'd gotten in some excellent, fast singletrack and good hill work too.

And Nande and I got a nice bath when we got home, for we were ten kinds of filthy from the trees, dirt, water and dust.

Next time I'll take the GPS to map and measure it. And, hopefully, I'll have put together the camera mount.