Jeebus, All This Hubbub Over a Pampered Bimbo's 3 Week Jail Stay?

I call shenanigans, nobody really cares all that much that a spoiled idiot like Paris Hilton got out of prison today. This has to be her PR team (which is galling to think about in and of itself) spinning the news cycles to revolve around their "star". The news is making it out like she was in prison forever, she's had longer phonecalls. Enough.

Seriously, in the Yahoo Most Viewed photos, 39 of 40 photos are of this twit and her "march to freedom".

One photo is of Curtis Allgier, a real criminal who escaped the other day while on a medical trip, murdered a police officer and was then recaptured. He also happens to have tattoos all over his face and body. He also happens to be a real news story, not some trumped up trollop with her head still very firmly planted between her own ass cheeks and exclaiming that her farts smell like daisies.

And yes, I'm well aware of the irony of kvetching about media coverage for a fool like Paris Hilton and then writing a blog post about it and helping to feed her ego/star power/whatever.

Anyway, I'll wrap this up with a wager for anyone willing to take the over. I will wager a week of posts about kitty cats and furry niceness that Paris Hilton will be arrested again within the year. And I hope she gets her stupid ass sent away for a long time this around.

Any takers? Post a comment with what you'll put on the line when I win the bet.