I've Got a Shiny New Pretty!

My new camera arrived today and I'm pretty damned happy with it already. It seemed like the battery took forever to charge but that's probably because I watched it charge the entire hour and a half it took.

Anyway, my new rig is a Canon Rebel XTi with the basic 18-55 lens.

Initial thoughts and reactions. I snapped some pretty excellent shots of Sully in the late afternoon sun. I like how the camera snaps almost instantly and can run burst shots of 27 frames in a row.

I've got my little book to read and learn more of the ins and outs of this magnificent beast. I will try to upload some new sample shots before we roll out of town on Friday but I can't promise anything with my main computer being mostly kaput right now.

But I've got a shiny new pretty to play with and I'm sure we'll have a grand old time!