Getting Out of Dodge (or Troncones)

In baseball terms, its called the Getaway day. In vacation terms, its called Heading for Home. Either way, tomorrow is our last here in sunny, hot, humid and beautiful Troncones.

We fly out tomorrow afternoon, although in retrospect I'd wished we'd gotten an earlier flight to avoid the peak heat during the middle of the day. But that's alright, we'll be the last to leave.

I'll write up alot more of the trip once we're home and I've got broadband connectivity again. And I'll post some photos as well.

I am hoping the lightning storms come back tonight so I can try to catch some long exposure shots over the ocean. Last night was the first night without them.

We have had a good time but I'll be looking forward to getting back to a place without 190% humidity. Seriously, you wake up sweating here, it is somewhat insane.

Also, I invented a new word last night.
Mojita - a virgin mojito, a play off senorita and somewhat of an inside joke.

Wish us happy travels, easy customs and soft landings. I can't wait to see my hound on Sunday morning! Plus we fly Alaska Airlines out so that'll be a nice twist and should be a marked improvement over the corner cutter bottorom feeder airline that is US Airways.