Flying US Suckways

I am sorry, not really, but if there is no excuse for a modern airline to NOT have baby changing tables in the airplane bathrooms.

US Airways, aside from truly odd liability disclaimers from the steward, does not deem the need to change a baby's diaper as important enough to make it easy.

Have you ever tried to changed a diaper with your child laying on a toilet seat? It is neither easy nor fun. Add in a baby that refuses to lay flat while his diaper is getting changed and you've got mayhem in a 2 foot by 3 foot box. Woohoo!

I often catch myself wondering who I used to be when these things were totally inconsequential.
But tomorrow brings us to Mexico and family and fun. So I'm gonna go crash for now.

Also, Phoenix is insanely, ridiculously hot, even at 9 pm and beyond. What I call ball-sweating weather.