Faster Than Faster and Quicker Than Quick

That's how I am going to describe the service on my laptop. I dropped it off on Monday afternoon around 2 to have the motherboard replaced, which meant that it had to get sent to an Apple repair house.

They called me today to come and pick it up.

That's under three days for a shipped out repair. No, it wasn't cheap but it was worth it to have my speedy little baby back.

Now I can start to really get some steam behind my photography site.

We also had a nice trip to one of the parks in Santa Cruz, this one overlooks the Boardwalk and has some interesting equipment to play on but also has a bunch of slides.

There was also a trip to CostCo in there as well but it was a trip for necessities, nothing too fun this time around.

I'm just thrilled to have my machine back and with a screen I can actually see, that makes all the difference. And Apple didn't even wipe my hard drive in the repair process. They did, however, declare my third party RAM was a problem and took it out to send it back, the repair shop put it back in for me.

Overall, I'm very, very happy tonight!