A Cheesy Habit

About time I posted a new Cheddar X, this one's about habits.

1. What is your best habit?
Exercise has been a habit since I've been young. If I don't workout, ride or otherwise burn off physical steam, my life doesn't work right. And yet I still miss workouts and rides which leads me to my worst habit.

2. What is your worst habit?

3. What habit in others annoys you the most?
Interrupting me when I'm speaking. Although Sully's gotten into this habit lately of screeching loud enough to make it feel like my eardrums are bleeding, that's pretty annoying.

4. What habit would you like to acquire?
Going to bed earlier.

5. Why do they call a nun's headgear a habit?
I don't know but I smile everytime I think about The Flying Nun because the headgear looks more like a wing than a habit.