We Did It, We Survived, One More Birthday Party to Go

We celebrated Sullivan's 1st birthday today at a park in Corralitos. As expected, the weather was fan-freakin'-tastic with hot sun and a nice cooling breeze. Want to get hot, go out in the sun, want to cool down, go in the shade. Awesome.

And we learned a valuable lesson about having parties in the park, it is waaaay easier than having them at your house. When the party is done, you load everything up, throw all the trash away and then go home to a quiet and clean(ish) house. Really, really nice.

Other quick highlights before I pass out from exhaustion. The pinata was supposed to be a cactus but that one got lost so I went and got a three foot bright red chili pepper pinata. It was very cool. And very tough, every kid there got as many whacks as they wanted and it still didn't break. Eventually the piece tying it to the rope broke and I ended up tearing the thing in half and showering candy all around.

The Weber Q grill was perfect as well. With its cart and bit tank, it can cook continuously for days if need be. But we didn't need it to. It was quick to get set up and then get going. For the amount of food we had, it was the perfect size. I could have done all the hot dogs at once and still had space for burgers, even the mushroom hockey puck vegeterian things my wife eats.

Nearly in every instance, giving squirt guns away at a kid's party is a bad idea. Unless it is really warm out and the kids can have a ball blasting each other without really getting wet.

Also, a really important thing to keep in mind is a good mindset. Things could have gone south quickly because Sully basically dumped an entire box of juice on himself within three minutes of getting there. Instead of it being a problem, he lost his shorts and got a swabbing and we kept on rolling. There were little meltdowns here and there but nothing major because it just didn't fit in with how things were going, if that makes sense.

I'm sure the 15 year old having her birthday party right next to us enjoyed having a raucous crowd of little kids around. Especially when one unloaded on her and her friends with two squirt guns. But even that rolled off people's backs.

I think pretty much everyone had a great time. I know both the boys had a great time and they were both asleep by the time we got out to the main road to head home. Sugar and excitement can only carry you so far. I'll put up some photos later, I think I got some cool ones during the pinata beating and some of Sully stuffing a cupcake into his face.

But for now, I'm going to go lay down and enjoy the peace and quiet for a little while.