This Just In (Again), Armando Benitez (Still) Sucks

BALK, BALK, WAY BACK / Benitez's gaffes turn win to loss

A walk, two balks and another pathetic, collapsed save gave what would have been a kickass win for the Giants, to the Mets.

At least he took the blame for it, unlike last season where he'd blow a save and then be seen laughing in the dugout.

But the guy is paid far too much for how little he's produced. Opposing teams should be signing his paychecks.

Man, that totally sucked to watch happen. Let's hope Barry Zito can have a strong game today. And maybe Barry Bonds will knock another one out against Glavine.

But I can continue to take solace when I look at the Yankees record and see them a hilarious eight games under .500. How's that sitting with King George? I wonder what will happen if they get to ten under? Heads will start rolling soon now.

And it feels like it's just about time for the injury bug to starting biting the Dodgers so they can do their spectacular fade. I'm going with Nomar and then Kent but it could go the other way. Maybe Furcal will go down again too, not sure at this point. And it makes me happy to know how much they paid for Schmitty and he's busted. Oops.