Sunday's Lesson: Motorcycle Gaskets Can Be Very, Very Sharp

In the process of continuing the breakdown and dispersal of my SV650's carcass I learned a painful lesson. The SV has several metal gaskets on the cylinder cases and I sliced my thumb good on the second one. But, since I was so close to finishing the dismantling of the bike, I pressed on with a towel around my thumb. Another, minor lesson, is that it is hard to swing a hand sledge with just fingers, thumbs are important for stability.

In the end, the bike frame and swingarm are no longer connected, the rear shock is in a box and we're going to reclaim a bunch more floor space in the garage and we'll get to recycle the frame too since its all aluminum.

Today will see us take a big load of recycling to the recycling center (hint, for maximum redemption value, don't let them weigh and "guestimate" your total, they always err waaaay on their site, count out your cans and bottles). And that'll do two things, one, it'll pay for just about an entire tank of gas and two, we get even more space in the garage back. Win/win, for sure.

Oh yeah, I also set aside a box of parts to put up on eBay for other SV riders.