Slack on Blogging

I cannot tell a lie, nor would I directly contradict easily demonstrable reality. I have been a slack blogger. Kind of strange that I have less time to blog now, when I'm not working full-time, than when I am working full-time and that sort of tells me that maybe my time wasn't being spent especially wisely. Maybe it still isn't.

Either way, it isn't that there isn't plenty going on. Far from it, there is always alot going on in my house. With two little boys, a rambunctious hound and my wife and me, dull moments are as rare as quiet ones.

The funny thing is that I've had several really good posts begun in my mind. About this last weekend's birthday party and stroll through a bamboo forest. About Curt Schilling sticking his entire leg in his mouth by spouting off about Barry Bonds'. About the Red Sox bottom of the ninth comeback win against the O's the other night (hint, I was not pleased). About the fun we had in applying for four passports with expedited service to, hopefully, get them back in time to make a family trip to Mexico in June. About a couple of new ventures I've been exploring. A new invention on top of the other new invention that we've begun to make prototypes of. New words, new blog names, funny observations (well, potentially funny) and a couple of funny photos as well.

But nope, instead you get this lame excuse for a post discussing what I should have been posting. If only for an extra three or four hours in the day.

Which reminds me, I got to get to bed, tomorrow is barrelling down on us like a truck filled with 30,000 pounds of bananas and bad brakes.