Siding With Rosie

Rosie, Elisabeth Wage Angry War of Words on what is probably one of the worst shows ever in the history of television. I didn't watch this episode and haven't ever watched more than ten seconds of it before.

But I've seen enough to know that Elizabeth Hasselbeck is an absolute fucking moron Republican parrot. She is embarrassingly stupid. And I actually feel pity for Matt Hasselbeck to have to put up with her but he's probably a Republican ass-sucker too so they're just thrilled as they drive around in their Hummer.

I'm no fan of Rosie's but I am definitely an anti-fan of Hasselbeck's. The words she utters are so wrong I just want to smack her in the face.

Anyway, this was this evening's tawdry "celeb" (in quotes because this barely qualifies as celeb news, one is a has been and the other is a never was) news.