Scroll Down - They Are Everywhere

I'm a regular reader of the Santa Cruz Sentinel's Cops and Courts section.

Partly out of curiosity (the morbid kind most likely) but also because I want to keep an eye on what crimes are being reported around my house.

Stabbing season seems to have died down for the time being but we are, apparently, entering DUI season so be careful out there.

The story I am referring to is the gang fight that got broken up at the intersection of Main Street and Green Valley Road. Yeah, yeah, whatever, right? Except this gangfight got broken up by some FBI agents who just happened to be nearby.

That's right, the FBI broke up a fight. And it's about four blocks from my house. Makes me feel tingly all over to know that there's something "interesting" enough right here in my neighborhood to warrant the FBI investigating it. I hope it isn't a dirty bomb or something awful like that.

And, you know, tingly isn't really the right word, I suppose its more like "fearful" that the police state is already here, it just has a great big Wal-Mart smiley face on it.