My Son, My Parrot

Grady's language skills are starting to really hit their stride and he's able to repeat almost anything said to him within reason. He's not good on full sentences yet but he's really good on individual words.

This morning, when he got up and needed some help getting downstairs with all of his Cars cars (the cars from the movie of the same name) he asked me to carry him down. And, once I'd scooped him up, he said "Awesome!".

Which is just hilarious and incredibly sweet coming from the wee guy. I also love it when I ask him if he's ready to go and he says "Ready!" with the emphasis on the d.

The other side of the coin is that he can also parrot the words you don't want him to. So we are being extra, extra careful about what words we use and when we use them. Because it's somewhat depressing (if still cute) to see him wagging his finger at Nande and saying "Quiet, damn you!".

Anyway, a slice of life with the boys. Right now, Sully's screaming his head off for some reason and Grady's deconstructed the couch into a fort, again. Why yes, that process IS called transfortation. The couch spends more time apart than it does together these days.