Morford: Rejoice, The Hummer Is Dead

Here's Morford's first paragraph for his latest column about the rumored demise of the Hummer H2. It is superb, even for Morford.
The late Rev. Jerry Falwell? He was exactly like a Hummer H2. Oh yes he was. Bloated, arrogant, offensive to millions and deeply wrong in a thousand ways and yet blindly worshipped by a shockingly large and happily uninformed throng of devout minions for no other reason than he was, well, bloated, arrogant and wrong.
He has captured, in just a couple of sentences, exactly how I feel about the ridiculous monstrosity that is the Hummer. And, in the man's case, was Falwell.

You may not like what he writes but you've gotta admire his artistry with the words.