Mom's Rule!

At least my Mom rules! As some of you are aware, we celebrated Sullivan's first birthday last weekend and he just got a fantastic present from his grandma, my Mom, and grandpa. Actually, it's a dual gift for Grady and Sully because there's no way we could keep Grady out and that would cut down on the fun anyway.

The present? Its called a Jellybean Jumper and is a small (but big enough for big fun) indoor jumphouse. It came with an inflator so it was easy to pump up and it has occupied a good space in our living room since yesterday afternoon.

To say the boys like it is extreme understatement. Sully has been giggling like mad and Grady is showing off his daredevil prowess by trying to jump over the side into it from the arm of the couch. We're discouraging that behaviour but the underlying deal is that both the boys absolutely love it.

And the timing for the delivery could not have been better because we are having an all-day playdate for Grady and one of his best pals. So we've had three little boys bouncing, laughing, rolling and wrestling in this thing all morning now. I predict solid naps from all three this afternoon. And maybe a meltdown or two as well but that's pretty much SOP with little kids.

Thanks Mom!