Hork House

This is the house that post-nasal drip built. We are the Hork House. Only two of our members are unable to perform the hork, yet. Perhaps we'll call them Hork Initiates?

Allergy season has been kicking our asses for the last week or two here. The cut grasses have been killing me and the trees are killing my wife.

We've been coughing up disgusting post-nasal drip chunks all week long. And she's got this booming cough to go with it.

As a result of the nasty that includes a very rough and raw throat and tonsils (mine swell up to the size of golfballs or maybe tennis balls), the horking has been hot and wild. We are using our sinks more for rinse outs than anything else. Sorry for that image but at least you don't have the soundtrack to go with it too.

My symptoms are finally starting to abate now, which is nice as I'm tired of having to brace myself before I could swallow.

In other news, I'm putting together my first professional photography/graphic arts portfolio. And later this week I'll be placing my first ads for gigs. The first events I work are going to be at pretty severely discounted rates as I come up to speed on the ins and outs of the process.