The Formula for Success? Add Naked Women

X-rated nude car wash gets police all-clear and you can get your car washed and johnson waxed for a mere A$100 (about $90 US).

Funny how cottage industries spring up when laws and restrictions are enacted. Car washes have become popular in many Aussie cities because of water restrictions.

Combining naked women and car washes is man-style multi-tasking, like jacking off and driving or drinking and skeet shooting. (Just kidding folks, don't jack and drive or drink and shoot.)

Actually, the reality is that I find strip clubs to be desperate and lonely places. Naked and sexed up car washing puts a nice face on it, gets hot chicks outside in the sun and all but the underlying reality is selling sex. It is exploitation, of the strippers and of the sad sacks who patronize the places. I hate going into strip clubs because I feel like a loser in a vast sea of horny man losers who either too timid or too cheap to go and hire a prostitute so they voyeur their thrills with a whole bunch of other guys.

So anyway, there's the formula for business success. Take a standard product or service and add hot, naked women and voila, instant cash cow.