A Crust of Bread, a Chunk of Cheese and Some Whine

French workers biggest whiners, Irish happiest which tells me that I gotta stop drinking the wine and start drinking (more of) the whiskey.

But that's a tired old stereotype that should probably be retired.

Anyway, here's another reason to make fun of the French.

And, in other news, Miami Tops Rude Driver List. Isn't that a wonderful thing to be known for? Interesting that Minneapolis-St. Paul was tops last year but has slipped to the middle of the pack. I wonder if that could all be due to just Ryan "Road Rage" Rhodes?

Truthfully, I have no idea if Ryan's a mean driver, I'd actually guess not but I bet he says nasty things to himself about people who cut him off. Just like me.

Also, it is best to not try to race me when I'm on my motorcycle, especially if you're a teenager in a shitbox Honda with a carful of pals. I will make you look like a loser. Well, like a bigger loser.