And Bonds Failed a Drug Test When?

Vincent to Selig -- stay away from Bonds' celebration because, in Vincent's mind and Selig's (though Selig profited mightily as an owner during the steroid era), Barry Bonds has done steroids. Without ever failing a test, without any proof these two asshats have tried him and convicted him.

Bottom line, Bud Selig is the fucking commissioner of baseball. Barry Bonds is going to break the all-time home run record. For Selig to blow that off, he should resign. He's not fit to lead Major League Baseball.

Bonds almost certainly did use PED's, so did that majority of the league at the time. Doesn't make it right, doesn't excuse it but it also certainly does not make it right to dismiss his truly incredible accomplishments as a player.

He was a Hall of Famer before he ever became a home run hitter and it is absolutely ludicrous to debate whether he deserves to be in the hall now. If Bonds does not get into the Hall of Fame, I'll quit being a fan of the goddamned sport.

And Fay Vincent, take your circumstantial evidence and shove it right up your retired old ass. You "assume" you know what he did, you don't know and yet you are going to publicly smack the man down. You are a blowhard and a fool. Since we're free to "assume" whatever we like, I'm going to assume you like dressing up in little pleated plaid skirts and prancing around like a 13 year old girl with your grey hair in pigtails. What's wrong? Why can't I assume it about you?

As for Hank Aaron's attendance, I don't think he needs to be there if he doesn't want to be. It would be nice but he's not the commissioner of baseball, is he? He's a private citizen who's record is going to get broken. I have zero problem with Aaron staying away. Selig's job is to represent the sport, that includes attending momentous moments like this record being broken. To not attend is to not fulfill his obligations as the commissioner.

And he (Bud Selig) is a deeply hypocritical bitch too.

I'm sure there are plenty of you baseball fans out there who disagree with me on Bonds. That's fine. He's not Floyd Landis, he's not some instant superstar, he's just been one of the greatest shows in baseball for an incredibly long time. With or without PED's, he is the shiznit. And note, he didn't pull a Big Mac and just run and hide and pretend he can't answer. He has publicly denied taking steroids, he has gone on the record as saying he has never intentionally done them. And he's never tested positive. Not Palmiero, who denied and then got caught, not Sammy who denied and then lost his size and power. Not Jose Canseco who wanted to pump up book sales by calling out his former friends. Not Jason Grimsley for being the lockerroom dopeman. Barry Bonds has never tested positive for PED's. Until that day comes, Bud Selig needs to do his job.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.