Absolutely Compelling Reality TV

Reality TV, by and large, is limp crap that's gotten popular with studios because it is lots cheaper than a regular show and audiences seem to like watching people be mean to each other.

But the Discovery Channel has a pretty amazing reality show called The Deadliest Catch about king crab fishing in the North Atlantic where a mere ten minutes unprotected exposure in the water is pretty certain death. There's a reason why they call it the deadliest catch.

The episode that was just on included the sudden and dramatic sinking of one of the boats in the fleet and at least three and very likely five of their friends lost their lives. It is all but impossible to look away or change the channel when you are watching a search, rescue and, eventually, a recovery. Something to think about the next you get some king crab and complain about how much it costs (yes, I realize that most people don't get king crab often at all because it is so pricey but boy howdy does it taste good).

Somehow it makes Road Rules seem even shallower than before. And yeah, I should count Survivor in that as well but I'm not going to because, well, I like Survivor.