VT Copycats? WTF?

It seems that Cho Seung-Hui has hit a chord with introverted, loner, stalker losers all over the country with numerous threats made by teens and young folks all across the nation.

So far they are just threats of violence and braggadacio (as an aside, I absolutely love that word). But it may progress to the point that somebody does try to open up their own can of whoop ass somewhere and take "revenge" or try to fulfill their holy mission of cleansing or whatever twisted jibber-jabber they use to rationalize their attack.

It is a pretty scary idea though, isn't it, a nation beset by random rampages on college and high school campuses? Who needs terrorism when we're raising our own here at home?

Also, I have actively started avoiding the news channels. I tapped out on insights into his life and the mashed up reality he existed in. He was quiet to a fault but it would appear that there was a raging storm of emotion and thought behind his intractable stoneface.

The saturation of the news with this story almost helped to drown out the angry and ugly beating Slimy Al Gonzales got by the Senators. Another GOP Senator has called for his resignation. He is much beleaugured but has outlasted my prediction of two weeks back in March 21st. Oh well, I don't mind being off by a week or two.