Tragedy's Aftermath

I happened to click onto CNN last night when they were interviewing two of Cho Seung Hui's previous roommates. The stories they related, the additional evidence presented and excerpts from his plays paint a pretty sad and lonely picture. Until you remember that this guy murdered 32 people.

And yet I still have a tinge of sympathy for him. He had no ability to make friends or didn't want them, he wanted to be with women but had no skills to interact with them so he stalked them. He had alot of problems and never knew that he could and should seek help.

The extreme nature of the murders and the anger evidenced illustrates just how isolated and alone someone can be with their demons. He shot each and every victim three times to do as much damage as he could. And when he'd spent his fury, he killed himself because he knew there was nothing but prison walls or the death penalty (does Virginia have capital punishment? I think so but its hard to remember).

Time will tell if his plays were glimpses inside his own history or whether he was just an angry, bitter kid. If his plays are his reality then he had a pretty awful upbringing that included beatings and sexual abuse. But that's neither here nor there and it doesn't, on any level, justify his murderous actions. Nothing can justify his murders. Nothing can justify his snuffing of 32 lives.

And for that he will very rightly be remembered as a monster.

Also, as an aside, people screaming for gun control reforms are trying to capitalize on this tragedy for their own ends. Gun control would have done nothing to prevent this tragedy, the guns were purchased legally and without incident. Also, rushing to legislate in the wake of tragedies is a stupid idea. Just look at the Patriot Act.