This is a Baseball Post, You Have Been Warned

It occured to me that I haven't written much about this young baseball season and, of course, my fantasy scores as well.

First off, A-Rod is destroying the ball and having alot of fun doing it. I wonder what will happen if the Yanks stay at .500 and that keeps happening? Or, more pointedly, when's the implosion coming?

Secondly, Ian Kinsler and Eric Byrnes have easily been my smartest picks in the early running. Kinsler was a sleeper second baseman who's just behind A-Rod for home runs. And Byrnes just plays balls out baseball. A 25-25 man last season (that's 25 home runs and 25 stolen bases) he's also good for highlight reels and the occasional cycle (worth serious points in some leagues).

The Giants are off to slow start but things are improving, especially with an extra-innings win over the Cards last night. And both Big Al and Barry went deep. Would have been nice to see, only the game wasn't televised here. Which, 'scuse my french, pisses the holy fuck out of me. I've been noticing that most of the local games aren't on the box. But, of course, today's is on. Nice. Barry looks healthy, he looks happy and the record looks very, very attainable right now.

As well as the NL West. Yeah, the Dodgers look pretty good but Nomar's only one muffed step away from the DL and Schmidty's already on it (to which I must pause and say HA HA HA). Kent is ripe for an injury as well. And then things can start to unravel for them.

Back to the Gyros. Let's run the lineup. Dave Roberts, his off-season acquisition was highly underrated and his impact on the team has already been awesome. His speed, his ability to get on-base and make the pitcher have to deal with him is a very slick weapon.

Omar Vizquel, another underrated threat. Check out his numbers, he gets on, he hits for high average and plays the game very intelligently. And that's not even mentioning, until now, his magnificent defensive capabilities.

#3 has been a rotating spot but I'll put Rich Aurilia in there because I like him there best and Durham in fifth. Aurilia already has a very good eye at the plate and batting in front of Bonds means he gets pitches to hit. With Roberts and Vizquel already on base much of the time, he will put up career RBI numbers. His versatility and just the fact that he's an old Giant comeback home makes him a favorite.

Barry Bonds, hate him or love him, he's having a great start to the season. His swing looks good and he's got pretty good mobility for a 43 year old guy with very roughed up knees. I think he will break the home run record. Probably not before mid-June at the earliest.

Ray Durham, he's kind of fragile but is a pretty fierce hitter with still good speed and he can definitely field his position at second. Not a spring chicken but that pretty much makes him unflappable. He can carry the team with his bat for short periods.

Next up should be Randy Winn since he his for a good average and has better than average speed. He's a very solid all-around player.

After Durham it's would normally be Bengie Molina. He's not a great offensive force but he's an ace behind the plate by both calling a great game and managing the pitchers.

Pedro Feliz comes up next, he's still kind of an enigma on offense. He can crush the ball and he can also look like he's never held a bat before. His defense is strong, as his arm on throws from third to first.

Here's where Winn is hitting, eighth in the line up. I think he should be hitting closer to the big bats. But that's not my decision and I'm pretty sure Bruce Bochy knows what he's doing with a ball club.

And look at that, they took two games in a row from the defending world champion St. Louis Cardinals so he must be doing something right.

On the fantasy front, I'm dominating one league, a strong leader in another larger league, a mid runner in a third and the caboose in my last league. Not forever though, just for now.

Also, note that I started this post five hours ago. That's what two small kids will do to your time.