Quick Note on the Recent UFC Fight Night

Last night's UFC Fight Night featured a bunch of pretty good fights and the title match of Mirko Cro Cop against Gabriel Gonzaga was unreal. Great fighting and a stunning, HOLY-SHIT finish with Gonzaga, the larger man, throwing a high kick and connecting cleanly, dropping Cro Cop like a rag doll (and bending his ankle and knee all over the place which looked nauseating on replay).

But damn, that was amazing. Jaw droppingly quick.

And much better than the Orlovski fight where he sandbagged the third round.

Also, I might as well add that this season's Ultimate Fighter, the lightweights (that's 155 pounders) is good fun. The coaches (BJ Penn and Jens Pulver) fought once before and are fighting again at the end of the season. The fighters themselves are a bunch of fucking nutcases. Almost all of them are loony, Dana King, the prez of the UFC puts it to little man syndrome. The rock harder because they have to.

And the season has been good and entertaining. If you're into that sort of thing and I know plenty of people are thoroughly appalled by the UFC and the general glorification of fighting.

Hate to say it but men are going to fight whether you put it on television or not. It is man's nature to fight. Not all men have to fight but all men, on some level, identify with the clear win/loss dichotomy of the ring.

Anyway, the quickie turned into a not-so-quickie. Sorry about that.