A Moment of Life Here

Grady and I went to the store earlier tonight to pick up some sugar so my lovely wife could mix up a batch of the surprisingly excellent chocolate zucchini muffins she's made many times before. The trip was mostly uneventful, if you can call chasing a 3 year old around a store uneventful, and yes, I did put him in a cart so we could actually get the shopping done.

Anyway, on the way out, I've got my son held in one hand and two bags of groceries in the other. We're in the crosswalk to the parking lot and I actually even made eye contact with the idiot bitch in the SUV as she saw us and, rather than stop so we could cross safely, CUT HER CORNER MORE SHARPLY to cut in front of us so she didn't have to stop.

It was made all the better for that fleeting eye contact with the totally implied "Fuck you" as she just drove right on by. I had a mind to chase her down and smack her upside the head but I doubt that would have gotten any sense in that thick skull.

Should I give her the benefit of the doubt that she really didn't see me? Maybe but I'm pretty damned sick and fucking tired of giving people here the benefit of the doubt. Rarely has that benefitted doubt resulted in them being stand up people, they pretty much always seem to turn out to be morons or just rude assholes.

Yep, pretty goddamned sick of living here again. Even if I did get my lawns mowed today.