McCain's Photo Op in Baghdad

Did you see any of those brave photos of John McCain in the Baghdad bazaar? If you didn't then he put all those American soldiers and the Iraqi merchant's lives at risk for nothing. Oh wait, that's exactly what he did.

What McCain didn't mention—but reporters who tagged along clearly saw—was that he and others in his party (including Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana, other Republican acolytes of Bush's and McCain's "progress" myth) were belted in protective body armor, surrounded by perhaps 100 heavily armed and helmeted troops and surveilled by armed Army security helicopters orbiting overhead.
And there were no Iraqi soldiers present at all. If they wanted to send a message that the Iraqi's were standing up so the US could stand down, then they failed. If they wanted to show what big, tough politicians they are, they failed. If they wanted to create an absolutely bullshit waste of time and resources and lives (the bazaar was bombed by the insurgents within 36 hours of the visit) then they succeeded as only John McCain can.

I used to respect McCain for surviving his ordeal in Vietnam and I still do respect that strength. But I expect a lot more than a lame dick photo op in an Iraqi bazaar to convince me of his worthiness of the most powerful seat on earth. In fact, his op has very capably demonstrated just how unfit he is to lead. Did he think twice about putting all those soldiers and merchants at risk? Did he care that he was the reason the bazaar was bombed the next day? Nope. He needed to boost his sagging poll numbers so damned the troops and damned the Iraqi merchants.

As a politician, he is an absolute pandering scumbag without any concerns about ethics or morals in achieving his goal. He has a slightly better chance at the Oval Office than I do.