Job Training Day

Because I was laid off in February and have been recieving aid from the state, they have decided to make sure that I have some job skills to be making applications to get off their teat.

So, later this morning, I'll be headed to the local WorkForce office to report for job training assistance. I hope they have somebody that can teach me some higher graphing functions in Excel but I'm not holding my breath.

Also on the job front, I came across Indeed.com, a slick and quite cool job search engine aggregator with custom RSS feeds for searches. What that means is that it is really easy to set up some auto-run searches while you're off doing other stuff and then check your feed aggregator (Bloglines or Google homepages are good ways to do this) and you'll be kept up to speed on all the latest developments.

Anyway, I've got to repost my services ad on Craigslist, send out some good news emails and get myself ready for some edu-ma-cation!