Its New Word Wednesday!

It has been a little while since I've tossed out some new words I've come up with. I lost a few because they didn't get written down soon enough but I think I caught more than I lost, we'll see. One thing I have discovered this morning is that sometimes my new words are other people's mispelt words.

Absoslutly - definitely a slut. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Doploma - one of those dopey pay-fer diplomas you can buy online from a non-accredited university to display on your wall is a doploma.

Promuse - an amusing promise or a promise made while wistfully thinking.

Saddisfy, saddisfying or saddisfied - some folks aren't happy unless they are sad. When those people have achieved their desired level of sadness, they have been saddisfied.

Transfortation - the process of converting your couch and its cushions into a fortress is called transfortation.

[Update: Karen has offered another new word, cynnisfied - satisfaction is only achieved once a proper level of cynicism has been reached. A broadly inflicted by-product of the ShrubCo years.]