Immersive Childness

So yeah, posting has been fairly sparse lately which is somewhat ironic since I supposedly have all this free time. You know, not having a job and all. And my availability has been put to use in keeping the kids occupied while we kickstart an online store.

After a few initial, um, hiccups things have been starting to gather steam.

Don't get me wrong, I have a blast playing with my two little boys. I'm not so crazy about Sully's occasional juicy wet kisses or Grady's boundary exploration behaviour. But I get to see them alot more and am spending quality time with my wife and my dog too.

The downsides are that I feel like the coin of my realm is a dirty nasty diaper, the likes of which I've seen enough to last me for a lifetime or two. And there's the whole sleep thing, or the lack of it. Not the lack of an attempt to get some good sleep. Just the lack of success. Last night I woke up once to Grady's feet being dropped onto my head, in his sleep. A few night's ago it was Sully's chest and belly as he crawled across the top of the bed. Or the streetsweeper will pause outside our fence and Nande will have a conniption of barking and manic whining.

Yesterday, Nande and I got to go for a bike ride and run on the southern flanks of the Nisene Marks park. Not the official park but pretty close. This makes it easier to allow the hounds to run without a fetter in the world. The fun thing about riding with my buddy and his big black lab is that Nande will go and run on his heel and his dog will run on my heel. They can't be persuaded to run elsewhere, even on singletrack where it becomes necessary to feint towards them to stop them for a moment to make it through narrower parts. Or risk biffing into the side of a dog.

It felt good to get out in the woods and breath some fresh air. It definitely felt good to get some burn going in my legs, they need to be worked out and my body needs to get kick started into shape.

But first things first, eh? Keeping food on the table and the roof over our heads trumps my need for six pack abs.