Help Wanted Insanity

Customer Service Representative
Applicants must have a strong work ethic and general sales experience with an overwhelming desire to work in the investment industry. We are seeking full-time contractors.
And the starting pay for this opporunity of a lifetime? How's a poverty level $12/hr sound. Oh yeah, they'll take your Saturdays too.

The only upside here is that it grows into a tele-commute position but I know of very few people that would have any interest in busting balls for a company for a take home of $24K a year.

This listing is, by no means, atypical. The help wanteds out here are galling in their requirements for low-level positions. And then the pay is almost always about 20-40% below standard industry scale.

The other problem that I've run into lately is that, even after custom building a resume and writing a well thought out cover letter and then submitting it for a position, nothing. No response, no email thanking me for submitting, no nothing at all. And, as someone in a position of information need, this lack of communication is annoying at best.

I understand that there are people that do nothingbut submit their resumes for every single job posted on Craigslist or SC Jobs. But it is easy to tell if someone is worth a look or not. And I'm not submitting my resume for jobs that I cannot or will not do. I'm a highly targeted job applicant and I don't waste my time working on cover letters for jobs I don't want.

It is just annoying. A pal wrote me the other day and said that he thinks the whole resume job submission process is one big, lame waste of time. He may be right. It isn't so much what you know but who you know.