Critical Mass Plays Nice

Critical Mass pedals politely through S.F. A smooth ride: After last month's heated confrontation between a bicyclist and a driver, participants were determined to make this month's event a more pleasant experience.

There was a concerted effort to demonstrate good citizenry and exemplary behavior. Internal policing was supposed to take care of any "Massers" who might be inclined to be jerky towards pedestrians or cars.

And this is a very good thing. Nice to know that a big group of bikers can behave. I liked the quote in the article, it made the whole thing make alot more sense to me.
"Every other bike ride I go on, I feel like cars might hit me," Jeff Lyon of Oakland said. "For this one, the cars have to slow down."
And yeah, that definitely has some allure. Maybe more so for me because I live in a town where bikes are almost treated like extra points.

Good for Critical Mass, I still think its reality is more pain-in-the-ass than enlightening but I am very impressed with their ability to sit upright and discard the thuggish image they'd acquired.