Today's Lesson from a Baby

Something I read the other day has stuck with me and I'm trying to apply it to more aspects of my life.
Listen. Listen to everyone you can. Really listen.You don’t learn by talking about yourself and your own experience. You learn by listening to the ideas and experiences of others. By listening to the ideas of those around you, you can pick up whatever’s useful. Even the things you reject have taught you something—if only what to avoid. Everyone you talk with can bring you learning opportunities you might otherwise have missed. Never be snobbish either. The best lessons come in unexpected packages.
In addition to listening, I'm watching as well.

And today's lesson from a baby is that whatever a baby gets interested in also stands a pretty good chance of having a decent photo opportunity in it as well.

I learned this while showering with Sully this morning and seeing how amazed he was at water splashing into a box he was holding.And that is today's lesson from a baby.