Today's Lesson: Dead Fish Don't Help Fish Tank Pumps Run Better

I bit the bullet yesterday afternoon after both the boys had crashed out for their long afternoon naps. I rolled up my sleeves and dove into the project known as cleaning the fish tank. I knew it involved fish guts, fish poop, fish slime and, quite possibly, fish bodies. I was not "disappointed" at all, lots of everything!

It also involves the further escalation of my war against this nasty horse-hair algae that makes the tank look like an extra from Stephen King's Creepshow (you know the episode in the movie where King touches a meteorite and turns into a plant?). The stuff is incredibly aggressive, grows very, very quickly and pretty well just pisses me off.

But its been reduced to a mere shell of its former glory and those remaining shell fragments are slated for eradication later this morning once the boys are at daycare.

Anyway, here's a little hint that I'm sure nobody needs to know about. Dead fish do not, in theory or in fact, make for a better running fish tank filtration system. Not one fish body and definitely not two fish bodies. And most definitely not when they've been there long enough to start to rot. Lovely.

I also reworked the filter system so that it works better and makes more sense too, always a plus. I never really understood the reasoning behind the original set up, it just seemed stupid and helped a good proportion of the water water bypass the charcoal filtration altogether. Anyway, now it rips along, won't get clogged as easily and the water passes through a foam filter, charcoal filter, bio filters and then a last foam filter before going back into the tank, should help keep the works clean, for now.

I pulled the rocks and driftwood from the tank to clean as well, that'll be fun. I'd originally thought I'd boil the rocks to get rid of the algae but we don't have a pot big enough for that. So, instead, I'm soaking them in a bleach/water solution that should kill off the algae, eventually. I'll let each rock sit for a couple of days and then dry in the sun and then soak in clean water for a few days. With some luck, we'll put the nasty horsehair infestation behind us.

And, because I've lost a few fish here and there over the last couple of months, I think it might be time to get some new fish for the tank. And some new plants too.