Tanks for Nuttin', Giants

San Francisco Giants tickets went on sale yesterday. We've got a good crew of guys looking forward to heading up to San Francisco on Opening Day. However there is a catch. To get a ticket to Opening Day, we've got to become Season Ticket Holders, the cheapest of which (which also happens to be in the Upper Nosebleed section where occurrences of altitude sickness are not uncommon) is $840.

Yes folks, to go to Opening Day at AT&T Park, you have to buy a whole crapload of tickets.

Which means that I'll be watching the Opening Day celebration and Barry's March to 756 at home. Which is fine, the beers are alot cheaper, the hecklers are mellower and parking is free.

Still, I cannot understand the mentality behind this move. Seems destined for the Stupid Hall of Fame.

But maybe they did have some tickets available yesterday. But I had both kids all day yesterday so there really wasn't any time to break off and get online to get the tickets then. So maybe it's kind of my fault, unless they never had any other tickets for sale, in which case, the Giants are shooting themselves in the foot with this marketing scheme.