Some Cell Shots from Target

Here are some shots from a recent foray into the land of the concentric circle also known as Tar-shay or just plain ol' Target.

The Sonic Blade just made me laugh, its a wireless electric knife, that's comedy gold. And the Monkey See shirt was in the kid's section, it was a pretty cute shirt. The last shirt was in the big boy's section and I expect that I'd see a couple on St. Pat's day if I were heading out for a tipple.

The camera in my cellphone has become alot more usable now that I've finally figured out how to sync the phone with my computer via Bluetooth. But I can't get the phone to work with my Clie for some reason which is kind of a bummer. Nor can I get my wireless Bluetooth headphones to work with the Clie or the cell. I had thought that Bluetooth was a pretty standard standard but I keep getting told that the device doesn't have the services to sync. Oh well. I'm still all "Bond" when I sync wirelessly.