Self Discovery

In the process of my meeting with a career counselor, I'm learning some important and useful things about myself and how to present what I offer to a prospective employer or contractor.

Among them is that research and investigatory work is a key element of my skills and motivations. I like looking for answers, I like digging through data to discover new truths and I like presenting information previously unknown.

I'm not so good on the clerical side. I.e., put me in charge of a research division but make sure I have an assistant to help me stay on top of paperwork. A close second to research and investigations is techie or someone who likes to work with their hands. Which makes sense to me.

Enterprising also scored rather high above the other categories so that indicates I've got some of the stuff it takes to initiate and run my own business. One key element that I've been getting from the counseling that I didn't have before is the realization and reinforcement of the fact that I don't have to do everything. There are plenty of aspects of a self-run business that do not have to be taken care of by me. That's what sub-contractors are for, that's what accounting firms are for, that's what temp agencies and sales organizations are for.

There's no reason to get bogged down in the details and the things you hate to do. Focus on what you love to do and delegate what you don't like to others who will do it for you.

I also have a base hourly rate to charge and a better understanding of the value proposition that I offer to companies and agencies. Don't focus on what you can do, focus on what you love to do. It seems so simple and yet is so hard to put into practice.