Relentless Pursuit of the Sale

This is an exercise is how many annoying emails a company can send out after not even having completed the one single order I did make with them back on Valentine's Day.

I'm writing about, of course, ProFlowers. I got a bouquet of flowers for my wife for Valentine's Day, it came with a vase and chocolates but they didn't ship the chocolates with the flowers. And the chocolates were supposed to arrive last week, they did not.

And in the interim, I've gotten at least three emails from ProFlowers exhorting me to buy, buy, BUY more freakin' flowers. Or take their customer satisfaction survey (no, they do not allow negative scores).

ProFlowers does a good job on follow ups, they just did a pretty pisspoor job on the original order, which they've yet to complete now, nearly two weeks later.

Oh yeah, add on to this that ProFlowers sold my marketing information, without my consent, to one of their "trusted" partners.

Yeah, I'll be making sure that ProFlowers never sees another penny of mine.