The Pattern of Arrogance from the Bush Administration Is Being Broken

or, Accountability Ain't Just a Word Anymore, Mr. Bush!

Power shift puts Bush team on defense amid scandals about the conditions at Walter Reed and the political firings of 8 federal prosecutors (who had been pressured to investigate Democrats specifically by the GOP leadership).

This is why this country needs it's checks and balances. If the Republicans had retained their strangehold on the reins of power then none of this would be happening. Alberto Gonzales would not be fighting for his job (which he will lose within the next two weeks). Karl Rove would not be being forced to testify. Ol' Rummy wouldn't have been fired. More and more skeletons and scandals are going to surface and ShrubCo doesn't have the juice to shush them away with lame lies and smarmy charm anymore.

Our country needs the checks and balances of a two party system. And now, now the rats are scurrying away from the sinking HMS Bush like the filthy rats they are. Everyone wants to distance themselves as far as possible from these craven, partisan wankers who have steered our nation into very dangerous waters.

Bring on the indictments, bring on the trials, bring on the prison sentences. Hold these crooks responsible and accountable for their crimes against our country and against the world.

I dare George Bush to pardon Scooter Libby. I double dare him. The flameout will be all the more spectacular that way.

Why yes, yes I am pleased that accountability has been re-introduced into Washington. It is about fucking time!