Of What Value is "Testifying" Without Swearing to Tell the Truth?

President Bush thinks you are a drooling fool. He thinks you should be happy and satisfied with his assurances and the testimony of Karl Rove and Harriet Miers without having them swear to tell the truth.

Which is, effectively, having them swear to lie.

Without the oath any testimony is garbage. Without the oath they might as well be singing showtunes.

The Bush White House fired 8 federal prosecutors not for poor job performance but for poor Bush-sucking-up performances. They were told to target Democrats for investigations more than Republicans, they refused to play ball with the partisan wankery and got canned.

And that is wholly and irredeemably politically-based.

But Mr. Bush thinks we should all be happy little sheep and just accept whatever terms and conditions he wants to lay on any discussion or investigation into this latest scandal.

Mr. Bush, respectively, go fuck yourself. You are without a moral, ethical bone in your body and you have done little but lie to the American people for the last six years. The noose is closing around your administration and you will be lucky to avoid its grip.

Alberto Gonzales should be cleaning out his office by now, he's done. Karl Rove should be thinking about his next job, he's done too. Bush? He won't be impeached because that would leave us with Big Dick and nobody, not even the Republicans, wants to see that sick, mean bastard in power.

Testifying without an oath to tell the truth is a joke. I'm glad the Democrats aren't willing to accept these ridiculous terms and will force them to either give up their info or go to jail and they will probably end up doing both. Which is fine.