My Latest Time Hole

In between everything else, I've been playing a fair (or unfair, depending on your point of view) amount of Skyrates (pronounced sky-rats,like pirates but in the sky). Its a free game that's coming to the end of its beta. Basically what you do is you start out as a pilot with a lame little plane. You fly from island to island, buying and selling goods to get enough cash to upgrade or replace your plane with a nicer, better one. And there are all kinds to choose from with different capabilities and upgradability.

You can also engage in dogfights with pirate planes. They run the gamut from fast single cannon ships to enormous blimps with dangerous firing arcs.

It's hard to describe so you should just give it a try. Part of the premise for the game is that you don't have to play it all the time, you play it, set it up and let it play for itself for a number of hours and then come back and play when you want. It has some slick GUI too, you can see a map of the entire game and then have all the other player planes displayed as well.

It doesn't hurt that I've been on the leaderboard for daily kills and now the weekly kill leaderboard too. Your name in lights, always a good draw.

My current plane is called a Lancaster and its been upgraded to do an excellent job of shredding other planes. It also carries a bunch in its hold so you can transport a pretty good amount of stuff.

If you can get past the slow beginning and upgrade your plane intelligently, you can have a lot of fun pretty soon. My pilot name there is Fizzo D'Anger, I fly for the red faction.