Member Night at the Aquarium

Monday evening was a member night at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a special event for members and guests where the facility is almost deserted. They also unveiled a new exhibit, new otters!

We've been members for a couple of years and it has really been a great deal for us. Monterey is close enough to buzz down for a few hours and then come back home.

The thing is, Grady got charged up and never ran out his charge. He ran from tank to tank to exhibit to splash zone and back. He must have run several miles inside the place. He had that crazed look of a kid having a ball, a goofy smile and the forward leaning body of a toddler in motion.

I thought he'd run himself out after an hour but he was still going strong when the aquarium closed at 9. He did crash out on the drive home and we expected him to sleep well but it was not to be. At 3:30, my wife woke up and heard the tv on. Grady'd gotten out of bed, come downstairs, turned on the tv and then made a big ol' mess (he found a jar of pennies).

Which has resulted in a new procedure being added to out nighttime prep. Before I go to bed, the gate is moved from their bedroom door to the stairs. Which means, Grady can only come join us in our bed. One less opportunity to cause chaos. And one less is the direction to be headed in with our adorable little Dennis the Menace in training.