It Would Help If Our Politicians Knew What Teh Intarnets Were

U.S. loses top spot in global tech study.

Not just the top spot but we are now seventh. Singapore and Denmark, Sweden and Finland and Switzerland and the Netherlands are all beating us at information exploitation and communications tech.
But Thierry Geiger, one of the Forum's economists responsible for the 361-page report, said the U.S. market environment remains the best in the world in terms of how easy it is to set up a business, get loans and have access to market capital.
So that's nice. But.
The index...cited the United States' low rate of mobile telephone usage, a lack of government leadership in information technology and the low quality of math and science education.
The lack of government leadership in info tech is understandable given our politicians shocking "understanding" of what the internet is and what it represents. The low quality of math and science education in the country is also understandable given the faith-based agenda that has dominated almost every aspect of Bush's administration.

Also, I bet Arkansas is bringing down the national average.