I'm Not Dead Yet

I've been busy, have you missed me?

We went to a birthday for a three year old on Sunday, had two boys with croup on Monday and finally got some peace and quiet today thanks to the humidifiers and the menthol strip heater upper thingie.

Even so, I went to bed at 9 last night. I never got to bed at 9. I got woken up at 4 and didn't get back to bed until 5 or so.

But I have been working on my resume and my resume skills. Found a few jobs I'm applying for that would work for my current schedule, freelance mostly. We'll see if anything comes of the initial attempts to make contact.

But I haven't really felt like blogging all that much for the last few days. Too much other stuff going on that takes priority. But I'll be back as I can. Promise.