I Feel Pithy, Oh So Pithy

Has anyone out there watched The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency "reality" show on Oxygen? You know, the one with the ex-model with the awful and badly enhanced lips and a potty mouth?

She was probably once pretty gorgeous but those days ended at least a decade ago and now she's trying to buy (via plastic surgery) some fraction of what looks she once had. She also reminds me of my old boss, an attractive lady who's looks are fading and her mean streak just gets wider and wider until it absorbs her whole personality.

Anyone, there was an episode where her little agency landed an international contract and the guy came in and said that she had a reputation as a bitch, which she is. She asked him to rephrase his statement and he basically said "No". So she goes back to her team of pretty boy models and proceeds to insult the hell out of the guy. F-bombs, s-bombs, you name it and she spewed it.

Only problem is that she was within microphone range of the cameras and he caught wind of it, confronted her and then fired her, her agency and all her models in front of them.

That made me smile. She's a mean, vengeful, vindictive bitch who looks in her mirror and sees a goddess diva and behaves as such. People like that piss the hell out of me. Nice to see her get a little public come-uppance.

Also, The Bad Girls Club, the "reality" show about bad girls (translation: mostly just mean bitch girls) forced to live together, the show would improve substantially by getting rid of Aimee "The Schnoze". Another diva-wannabe with a huge chip on her shoulder, probably because she's far and away the least attractive one on the show. But the rest of the girls on the show are pretty damned fine. I liked it when the girl got really drunk and then started assaulting the others, that was good television.

I know, I know, I shouldn't watch a crap channel like Oxygen but its right next to FSN and Spike so I pass by it all the time and sometimes get sucked in.