Freakish Bi-Coastal Camera Soul Swap

In what may just be an odd coincidence, my mother's digital camera died recently and my old "dead" Canon S400 came back to life.

My mother's camera became afflicted with the dreaded and too-well-known E18 error, much more info about the E18 at E18Error.com. Basically, the cameras have a defect in them that "bricks" a camera. A bricked camera, for those not up on geek vernacular, is when a previously usable bit of technology expires and turns into an expensive brick, useful for just about nothing.

I would be seriously bummed if my SD450 were to brick itself but then I'd just go up to Staples with my 3 year extended warranty and select a shiny new model so it wouldn't be too bad. Extended warranties are, by and large, scams but I've had excellent results in having them on my digi-cams. I've replaced several cameras that developed "issues" during use, from a gasket coming lose, to a hairline crack in the center of the lens to accidentally sitting on the camera and fracturing the LCD screen. And, for $50, I get a new camera and a new warranty. It is a great deal!